random stuff I am loving these days

Yup, that’s what this post is about. Just a random list of things that are awesome lately.

  • Trim Healthy Mama.   Seriously? If you haven’t heard of this plan, and you have a desire to get healthy and lose weight at the same time, you need to check this out.  I am loving how I feel while eating this way. Add that to the fact that I have lost around 10 lb this last month?  And I’m not hungry???!!   Definitely excited.  …and somehow it feels like commitment to actually post that I’m doing this.  EEEK!


  • books by Sally Clarkson. I’ve just finished “Seasons of a Mother’s Heart”, and I’m getting ready to start “Own Your Life”.  I read “The Ministry of Motherhood” before, too. Excellent, inspiring writing about the art of mothering, the way you can inspire your children to excellence, and the importance of relationship.
  • sock knitting.  I’m almost finished with these sock for J. He has been requesting wool socks, and so I grabbed some stripey blue stash yarn, and got to it! They have went super fast, and I’m actually to the point of decreasing the toe by now.  He is thrilled, and now Mr. E. is thinking socks sound pretty neat, too.


  • new thoughts I’ve been reading from Pam Barnhill, Sarah Mackenzie and others on “Morning Time” in your homeschool routine.  -Also a podcast from Pam Barnhill’s website, edsnapshots.com.     I haven’t read a whole lot, so I won’t attempt to explain it, but what I have read I am absolutely being drawn to.  A few words that come to mind – Charlotte Mason, time together, a basket of books that consist of whatever you want to go over together as you begin your morning.. Bible reading, biographies, poetry, math fact recitation, etc.
  • a getaway with my husband last weekend.    We went to a cabin that was situated all by itself up on a mountain…about 2.5 hours from where we live, near Monterey, VA.  It was so quiet… we kept the fire going the whole time and it was enormously cozy.  …Drank copious amounts of coffee and just rested.  Talked.  Reconnected.  Slept in.  Ate crisp/chewy bacon and yummy mushroom/onion omelettes that my husband so kindly made.   Yes, it was bliss.  And a welcome reprieve from the stress and mind games I have been muddling around in lately.  This was the view from the front porch:


  • weight loss goals and rewards.  I made up a list of rewards that are going to happen each time I lose 5 lb.  My first was casting on a new sweater for Miss A. It’s dark pink, white, and gray fair-isle.  Yay!  Looking forward to reaching goal #2, which might be casting on new socks.  I don’t know yet.  We shall see what I am in the mood to reward myself with. = )


  • using bags to clean up rooms in our house. Somehow it seems that our house is in a constant battle with clutter and random toys/clothes/books/you name it, scattered about like my mom used to say – “it looks like a hurricane hit this house!!!   Lately, to combat this, I have been doing a quick pick up of a room and putting it all in a bag for one of the boys to put away later.  It gets the room straightened in a flash, which does all sorts of warm fuzzy things for my morale.  Other times I will have one of the boys pick up, and the other one put away. I’ve been hanging one of my smaller tote bags on door knobs throughout the house, and then having a time when everyone puts things away.  I love organization, but I’m not too swell at BEING organized.  This seems to be helping.


  • prayer partners.  Last night at our church’s women’s Bible study, we each put our names in a bowl, then passed it again for each person to draw one.  The person whose name you drew became the person you will be praying for all through the next month until our April Bible study, when we will do it again.  I’m so excited about this… the idea is to share your prayer needs with the person who will be praying for you. A little while ago I texted and received prayer requests, both to the person who has my name, and the person  I’m going to be praying for.   What a great feeling..to know that someone is going to be asking the Father for what I’m needing.  It’s great when people say they will pray for you.  I love to hear that.  But it’s awesome when you have a specific commitment from someone.  I think it will draw us all closer together.


There’s lots more… but these are just a few.  Of my favorite things.  😉



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