the day we went to the library

I had the bright idea that we would go to the library today.

You, know, the idea of two girls happily enjoying the exciting new story, doing all the fun hand motions, while the boys play quietly on the computer right outside the story hour room. While I (maybe even) would knit while smiling endearingly at my beloved daughters.

It was something Mom and I could do with everyone.  Oh and we have late fees and late books. Ahem.  I am Really Bad about late fees. And returning books on time.  I just read a post about this on another blog recently, about a system that’s supposed to help. Maybe I will try it.

Anyways, the morning started with Miss E vocalizing her awake-ness at – wait for it- 6:45 am. And before I could get her, Miss A walked out sleepily with her blankie dragging behind… and it was time to be up and at ’em.  Ha!  Cup of coffee#1 had not yet been consumed.

The next few hours consisted of: both girls heading down to see Grandpa and Grandma (Aaaaaaaand good morning to you!!)

8 yo toasting bread for his breakfast, 2yo grabbing bread and chomping down on it while wandering throughout the house, Mr. E. got the eggs and took care of the chickens, I managed to get everyone breakfasted with toast/oranges/smoothies.

(Side note: Smoothies were super yummy and got rave reviews from kiddos.  2 c. milk, couple tablespoons of cocoa, stevia, a few globs of peanut butter, and uhoh. No ice.  BINGO! We have frozen bananas!  So I got out two frozen bananas and chunked them into the blender. )

…and VOILA!  –Peanut-Butter-Choco-Banana Smoothies.

Definitely happening again.

Back to the morning.  After breakfast and seeing these bananas sitting on my counter, I decided to make Chocolate Chip Banana Walnut Muffins.  Yum. I have been feeding my kids lots of Trim Healthy Mama food, so this feels like a nice thing to do. Plus my dad loves baked goods.

By this point it’s 9:30.  We need to leave for the library at 10:30.  Me+4kids need to get ready, + we need to (stomach drops) find all the library books.  I rounded up the library books, all but two that are apparently lost in the black hole of our own library, and got everyone ready.

Managed to get everyone in the car, and we were off.  Well, we were off after I came back inside to find my credit card…. due to the fact that our littlest little had managed to find and systematically dismantle my wallet last night.

My first hint that this could be a little nuts was the fact that I didn’t have a stroller with me.  Oh well, Grandma is here.  She can help with Miss E.  (wipes brow).  Then,  on the way into the library,  Miss A was distraught that the “Who Ate All the Cookie Dough” book had to go back.

We somehow managed to be 10 min. early, and I had a brief moment of panic that we had came to the library for naught.  Story hour did begin, and Miss E decided she would have nothing to do with sitting down to listen.  Miss A was scared as soon as the lights went out for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  We got through that, and within not very long, Miss E had wandered over to some other child and his mother and scavenged some snacks.

Mom took Miss E out for a walk.  That was a very good plan.   Then… the lights went out again and Miss A was done.  We went out to get some books and I managed to find quite a few.  Mom watched the girls, and the boys were still in story hour.  Right about the time I was ready to check my books out, I realized that my library card was nowhere to be found.  Well, I’m sure it’s able to be found… it just hadn’t been put back in my wallet yet from the Dismantling Incident.

Thankfully I was able to pay my fines and check out more books.  Oh? And I’m excited because there is a 100-book club at the library. There is no time limit, and the prize is a new book that the library will order for you.  I’m pretty sure the boys are going to be thrilled about that.

Anyways, throughout this time, Miss E was wandering hither and yon, and when I said it was time to leave, Miss A threw a mini-fit.  We got out to the van, and it continued… and my idyllic dreams were plunked straight back into reality.  I’m glad we went, but I was faced again with the truth that taking four kiddos 10 and under to anywhere holds lots of …possibility. 

On the bright side:  We have a huge-to-bursting bag full of new books to be devoured.  Lots of fun ones for the girls, and science-y ones and books on slavery and the Civil War for the boys, since that’s the era they are studying in school. I also saw a book at the last minute about what’s inside planet Earth, and was so excited, since the boys had asked about it the other day.   That’s the kind of homeschool I want to have.. where we explore the areas of interest and find out all sorts of fun things apart from following exactly what a textbook wants us to know.  Besides, real books make everything so much more alive.

And that, my friends, was our trip to the library.  I hope it happens again soon, believe it or not.  I love the library.  And the way books smell.  I want my children to love books as well.  So I’m going to try to go as often as I can, even though we have loads of books at home, because I want them to enjoy the feeling that I always have when I bring away a bag full.

That I am rich.  And it was free.

Even though it was crazy and chaotic.  It was totally worth it.





3 thoughts on “the day we went to the library

  1. that, my friend was almost as good as a mini chat with you 🙂 it gave me a laugh… and i have absolutely NO trouble imagining it… hugs!


  2. Love to read your words! Sounds like you handled the library scenarios with grace. Ahem, I do not even entertain the thought of taking my whole crew in! (poor unprivileged dears) Your shawl sounds lovely too! I’m glad you’re getting in some sweet times with your mother! Love you.


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