when goodbye is hard and good-

Goodbyes are hard.

My parents left this morning to drive back to Ohio to be with my brother and his family before flying home to California.

It’s hard to see your dad crying as he hugs everyone goodbye.  Sad and good and oh, so sweet.

It was a regular sad-fest around here.  J and I curled up on the recliner dabbing tears with toilet paper that Miss A so generously retrieved from the bathroom. “Grandma won’t be here to read me stories,” he mourned.   Miss A said “Mommy, you don’t feel berry good?”

Mr. J sat under my mom’s stories many times throughout this past week.  He thrived and blossomed and smiled large under Grandma’s individual attention and willingness to put whatever down that she was doing to read to him.

Miss A took awhile to warm up as usual but by the end of the two weeks she was mostly willing to offer up hugs whenever.  Or at least whenever the notion struck her.

Miss E was always excited to see “MAMAW!!!!!” whenever she got up from her nap.

Dad laid on the hammock yesterday with both girls and all three loved every minute of it.

They were here when J got his cast off. (Sledding accident the end of January.. cast finally gone.  Yay!) And when Mr. E started coming out of the nephrotic relapse he has to deal with on occasion.  We celebrated with fried chicken and fixins from Bojangles.

Mom cross stitched and I spun and we drank coffee and talked about anything and everything.  She is the wise one I count on for so much.


So yes, goodbyes are hard.  I read about my friend’s long goodbye a few days ago.  And oh… the goodbye happening this weekend as we go to a funeral and face again the reality that life also brings death.

My goodbyes this morning pale in comparison. 

There’s a lot of places that my mind goes, but I do know this one thing:

One day we are promised a place where there aren’t any more goodbyes.

A place of tearless eyes and Jesus-rest and amazing harmony of angels and saints singing praise. Total absence of fear.  Fear of people, of hurt, of pain, of rejection, of failure.  It’s gonna be gone, folks.  I’m so ready.  And I’m pretty sure that everyone who gets there has no desire to come back.

So in the meantime… there are a few things I want to keep in mind. And a few goodbyes I would like to welcome.

It’s time to say goodbye to trivial arguments.

It’s time to say goodbye to toxic thinking.

It’s time to say goodbye to the accuser who flogs when I fail.

It’s time to say goodbye to selfishness.

It’s time to say goodbye to the one who says I’m unworthy.

It’s time to say goodbye to gossip.

And Hello.

Hello to Jesus.  Hello to sinking deep into His Word.

Hello to vulnerability.  Hello to courage.  Hello to belting songs at the top of my lungs.

Hello to being the one to make the first move.  Hello to warrior praying.

Hello to smiling more often at the little ones who aren’t going to be little long.

Hello to loving even when it hurts. 

Hello to telling other people how they inspire me

Hello to Thank You Jesus.





One thought on “when goodbye is hard and good-

  1. your post struck a cord tonight… hubby headed home… son dissolved in tears all evening… trying to find my “back bone” (thank you Lord) and be strong… so thankful for every second of 7 precious weeks…


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