shine on us.

I texted desperately at 7:41 am.

And I was reminded this morning when she texted back that …. “ It’s not always the large vision that we hold in our head that helps us to relax and rest… it is in a small conversation… a smile… a remembering of the lovely things… maybe just that the sun is shining and taking a few deep breaths.”

Did I ever need that today. This morning was filled with comments like “I just want to take care of myself. I just want to be my own boss. I just want to be in my bedroom and read a book instead of being told what to do all the time. ” Oh, son. The struggle of every human over the ages.  Oh, and yes- I know this struggle all too well.

This morning between that conversation and my 3 yo throwing fits, son #2 angry at the audacity of me asking him to do a chore, I forgot the lovely things. I forgot that finding the lovely things is a choice.

When it’s easy to see the lovely, it doesn’t change me the same as when I must find it or be defeated.

When it’s utterly necessary to find the lovely is when loveliness is scarce to be found and must be searched hard for.

So this morning I looked for lovely underneath the piles of dirty laundry and dirty attitudes (my own at the top of the list)… and it was there. It was there in the “I’m sorry” and tight hug. It was there in the reminder that children with attitudes are a tool that God is using to sanctify me. I pray for sanctification, and God gives me children with sin natures like my own, to practice patience and to mold me deep into His likeness.

There’s lovely in the tow-headed girl giving free kisses this morning, in the recitation of Philippians 3:8 and hearing these God-words pour out from child-mouths. It’s memorizing it myself without meaning to, simply because we are saying it together over and over every day until we know it well.

Ugly paralyzes.

Beauty awakens.

Our Master gave a swift command for light to burst from dark, then shone bright into our hearts,

…to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ..

He shines bright and beautiful.

This Creator God who made light from nothing is the same God who counts us worthy to light up our hearts with Himself.

This is how we see the lovely – when we know that He planted Himself in our souls, and grows His beauty in us, so that we can see Him wherever we look.


Lord, let Your light, light of Your Face –

Shine on us.

That we may be saved.

That we may have life.

-to find our way in the darkest night-

Let your light-

Shine On Us.




4 thoughts on “shine on us.

  1. When it’s utterly necessary to find the lovely, is when it must be searched hard for!! Love this. And I love you for searching! I’m joining you in this search. My only girl just came and asked if I would play babies…Sure!! Sure I will! 😍


  2. i needed this today! a bad night…an early morning…an outing planned… a coffee stop, a drive o beautiful pineapple field mountains….naps in the afternoon…


  3. “I just want to take care of myself. I just want to be my own boss. I just want to be in my bedroom and read a book instead of being told what to do all the time. ”

    Too funny because what he doesn’t know is that as the adult, as mom, this is still what we long for…..

    And yet, the longing we have to please our loving Father with faithful service is greater still. And grows ever greater each day we choose well.


  4. So much of life needs us to focus on the little things, because it’s there we will find the reasons to keep going. I find this daily! And He is always faithful to have just the little to remind me. 🙂


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