sometimes you just need a break

After our day yesterday… (hello spring fever!)

…I decided it was time for a morning that started out with at least two cups of coffee and not much of a schedule.  It turned into three, and the kids played outside all morning.  Mr. J made a breakfast for everyone of oatmeal with peanut butter and brown sugar swirled together. (If you like oatmeal, you have to try this )  Mine was Trim Healthy Mama friendly, with stevia, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a smidgen of blackstrap molasses to give it that brown sugar flavor.  Mmm -mmm good.  (We also like it with chopped apples and walnuts mixed in.)

We sang the books of the Bible song, with much warbling on behalf of the 8 year old.  Everyone went outside to find the kittens, and I made a phone call.  While chatting about high and lofty things, I looked outside to see one of our sweet kittens… perched on Miss A’s bike and being guided along, ‘riding’ down the driveway.

One of the boys burst in – “Mom! I’m training my cat!  He’s learning to ride a bike!  He comes when I call, and the next thing is teaching him to say yes!”

Gotta love homeschoolers.

I got off the phone, fixed lunch, and put the girls down for naps after Mr. E read stories to Miss A.  I snuggled with both the girls before I laid them down, and while laying with Miss A, she asked me to sing the horse song.

These songs are becoming a ritual.  It’s either the horse/kitty/frog/turtle song.

It goes something like this: “There once waaas a horse…. Whose name was Percival… (‘His name was Purp-ival Mommy?’) Who liked to ride his bike… down the lane.  He went to town… to find his friend, named Mr. Brown.. and they had ice cream in the park. Etc. Etc. Etc.”

It usually doesn’t rhyme, and typically involves friends/chocolate/cupcakes/bike-riding/eating a picnic in the meadow or anything that little girls love or think is silly.

The boys cleaned up around the house and we listened to an audio book for awhile.

Sometimes our kiddos just need a break.  Fort-building.  Cat-training. Breakfast-making. Song-warbling. Book-reading.

And sometimes we just need to remember that we need one too. Coffee-drinking.  Yarn-making. Singing silly songs to the 3 year old. Snuggling with the not-quite-2 year old. Good conversations. Making a yummy spinach salad for lunch.

Just not being so much in a rush. Taking time to savor the little things.

It was a good morning.



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