yarn along – spinning a yarn

I haven’t done much in the way of knitting this week, but I have been spinning quite a bit.  My green merino silk is close to being done, just a few more little nestlets of fiber to complete.  Small though they are, spinning so finely makes them take awhile to get through.


I took the green yarn off my wheel, and began another braid that I’m spinning into a fingering/sport weight.  It’s Blue Faced Leicester/Silk , Mosaic Moon fiber,  in the Dashing Winter Pear colorway.  I’m estimating that I’ve finished approximately half of the braid by this point.




Sometimes it’s just time to spin on the front porch for awhile while kiddos ride bikes and build forts.  And girls ride bikes that nearly crash into your spinning wheel, while you try to take pictures that make it look like all you do is spin with a mona lisa smile on your face and simultaneously cook exotic, yet nutritious suppers and speak all sorts of relationship building words to your children.


What the picture doesn’t show is the 2 yo crashing a plastic flower pot just to the left of the chair by the spinning wheel.  You’d never know, would you?  🙂

(And by the way? My husband is responsible for the adirondack chair in the background – he made me two of them, and gave them to me as a gift last year. Aren’t they awesome?)

I’ve been reading the second in the series by Sibella Giorello


I finished the first in this series last week.  She is a very good writer, and I love the real life and not so typical vocabulary she weaves into the story.  Not all authors are truly talented with original writing and phrase-turning, but this author excels at it.  If you enjoy drama and FBI mystery-type fiction, you would likely enjoy this.

I am also reading and meditating on this –


I stumbled on this familiar verse this week, and was reminded of the blessing of thinking lovely thoughts. True thoughts. Honest thoughts.  Just thoughts.  Pure thoughts.  If my thoughts were more along this line, I feel like I would have a major perspective shift.

In the process of meditating on this verse, I was inspired to follow some advice I received, which was to write down a quality I love about each of my children. It was a very good exercise. Not just what they do that I like, but something about their character that I admire.  These children… they are four little images of God running around in my home.  And they weren’t my idea.  They were God’s big idea.  I’m not their potter, simply a tool God is using to help shape them.  I don’t shape, I’m just used to help.

Lord, let me not get in the way, but be used for your glory as You mold and design them for your glory and purposes.

I chose this verse for our next memory verse. The reason there are letters circled is to help us remember the order  – T, H, J, P, L, GR  (the first thing I came up with doesn’t make much sense but it sure did make two boys laugh uproariously)
– The Happy Joker Played Like GRandma.

Yes, I know. Isn’t that funny?  They do remember though.  Which is the important part.

And now, I shall enjoy my favorite part of the day, listening to an audiobook with my boys, while the girlies snooze and I enjoy my coffee and lunch. And – of course – spinning.

Joining Ginny






6 thoughts on “yarn along – spinning a yarn

    • Thank you!! I honestly do my spinning and knitting as something that’s just for me… And also it’s a sense of accomplishment that I can hold onto. A tangible thing I can look at and feel excited about having been able to complete. Gray is one of my favorite colors, and I love the look of solid colored yarn and knits, but I will have to say that colorful fibers are my preference to spin, just for the variety in the process!! (I think I may be easily bored) :/


  1. Reading posts about spinning fascinates me. It’s so neat! I don’t know if I would ever try it, but I’ve learned not to say Never! 🙂 I think it is something my daughter would enjoy trying. It fits her somehow! Your yarn is beautiful.

    I like it when a verse stands out or a fresh perspective on it surfaces.



    • Thank you! I wanted to learn how to spin for a long time… Then my husband told me to pick out a spinning wheel for Christmas a few years ago. Lo and behold, I found one on Craigslist! You can start small, with spindle spinning- cheap and pretty easy from what I understand, though I haven’t ever done it.
      I, too, love when a verse strikes me anew :-).


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