the post of all randomness

:::We went camping this weekend.  With a lot of people.  There were really fun things about it and some other moments that weren’t so fun.  Like the moment when the spark from the campfire totally burned a hole in one of my favorite dresses?  That wasn’t a fun moment.

note to self: do not take favorite dresses camping.

It was an absolutely beautiful campsite. Water surrounds Goose Point Campground, except for the road that brings you in.  It’s sort of like being on an island. And the evening when my husband built a campfire at 10pm so we could chat over s’mores because we hadn’t really seen each other all week? That was a really good moment.  Then 10 minutes later it started raining.  We laughed and went to bed, full of s’mores and good company.

:::Emotions are not to be trusted.  (duh.)  And it’s so good to be reminded of truth when they go all crazy and silly and ricocheting everywhere.  The truth I’ve been reminded of lately:   Time is short.  Love your kids well.  It’s ok to not be ok. Smile genuinely at the supper table and resist the urge to remind your sons every 3.27 seconds of their food-masticating swine-mimicing tendencies.  Say yes.  Get more sleep. Weep with them that weep and rejoice with them that rejoice.  Pray a lot for other people.  Find someone who will pray for you.  Over the phone, even, like last week when a friend did this for me when I really needed it.  Be real.  Put the knitting down and snuggle the child.  Include other people.  Say you’re sorry and mean it.   And make cookies more often.  They are lovely little relationship building nuggets of yumminess.

:::When your 8yo asks to sit on your lap while he practices reading there is no better answer than yes.  Because what is better than Billy and Blaze, blonde hair, and mostly clean boy-smell?


:::I like to spin yarn.   A lot. Very possibly even more than I like to knit yarn.  (!!)   So  I’m thinking even about selling some of it. It remains to be seen whether I would set up an etsy account, or sell from my blog or ravelry.  The thing is – I want it to stay a hobby.  I’m not sure I’m interested in it becoming a business.  I just happen to spin more yarn than I will use.  So we shall see what becomes of that thought.

:::The way fresh laundry smells is a gift.

:::It is amazing what conversations begin to happen as children get older.  So far today we have discussed polio, vaccinations, disabilities and how we can help other people feel like they are not less than real people simply by treating them normally, saying hello, including them, etc. Also in the mix was a conversation about marriage and the importance of being faithful and staying married to the person you promised yourself to. And how even when people have disabilities or sicknesses, that marriage vows are for “in sickness and in health”.  Simply writing this down makes me marvel at the magnitude of simple conversation. And that these opportunities for conversation should not be taken for granted.

:::Audiobooks are awesome.  They help us learn about history, great people, as well as little-known people and their heroic efforts.  (Today was a story about a man who climbed a drain pipe to rescue a little boy from a burning building, how this man’s hands were severely damaged from the burns, and that he ended up adopting the little boy because his parents died in the fire.)    We have been listening a lot to Your Story Hour audiobooks downloaded from Audible. These books are worth the subscription to Audible all on their own.

:::I’m getting closer to finishing this braid of fiber.  Hopefully this week? I need to finish spinning, then Navajo ply.

::: Funny things lately:

Miss A – “I just feel like (I need) a bandaid.”

Mr. E – “Well…. you just have to do the math drill in a timely manner.”

Mr. J – “MOMMY! She is being a HINDRANCE!”

Miss E- not exactly funny, but she has figured out how to get out of her crib, decided to potty train and turned 2 all within the last two weeks. Yikes.





2 thoughts on “the post of all randomness

  1. So sorry about the dress! What a drag! I also wanted to put in my two cents about Etsy. I have sold there since 2008. It’s a great place to start as a hobby because it is quite affordable, especially if you sell in small amounts. You can also get discounted shipping rates by printing your labels through them. They give you lots of tool to get started and a large buying community. Anyway, enough cheerleading, LOL! It beats setting up your own e-commerce site, at least when you are getting started.


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