yarn along: spinning again! -finished and in progress yarns




Finished yarn! Yay!  It came out to 400+ yards of fingering weight. – I was very pleased with the amount of yardage!   BFL/Silk.. definitely has a lovely sheen.  I love to get to the plying part… it’s my favorite part of spinning.

I whipped out another braid within a day or so (couldn’t seem to get excited about knitting-seems like spinning’s all I want to do these days!)

This is 100% merino from ShirstyCat Designs, a braid I picked up from the local fiber fair last spring. It’s lovely and soft, and saturated with purples and blues.





It feels good to spin something not quite so finely.  The last two projects I’ve done have been ending up in the lace/fingering weight at completion of 3-plying.  This I am spinning up as more of what I hope will be a worsted or aran weight when Navajo (3) plied.  It goes sooo much faster.  It’s nice to mix it up a bit and spin a variety of weights.



I am making a little progress on my stripey sock… the tiny navy stripe in the first picture of the sock is where the heel will go.  First time to do an afterthought heel, I’m anxious to see what it’s like! To knit and wear as well.  It’s fun to be able to knit, knit, knit and not have to stop for a heel.

I just began reading “David Livingstone” to the boys.  We average around 2 chapters each time I read, and they are loving it.  I am enjoying it as well – I can honestly say that all I’ve known about David Livingstone is that he was a missionary somewhere.  My knowledge of people from history is abysmal.  So it’s fun to learn right alongside my kiddos.  It is fascinating me, the determination of this man.  He worked 14 hour days from little up in a cotton mill in Scotland.  That sparked some interesting conversation regarding the amount of work some of my kiddos feel they are burdened with. = )

Mr. Livingstone wanted to be a medical missionary, and it took a long, long time to save up the amount of money he needed to attend college.  All these character qualities… perseverance, diligence, etc.  So good.  I think books many times can preach a message to my children much more effectively than my own voice.

I started “Own Your Life” by Sally Clarkson, and it is not going to disappoint. I can already tell. And I’m only just at the very beginning.  One thing I’ve underlined – “Owning my life means living up to my spiritual potential.  It means taking responsibility for my own behavior, decisions, and attitudes so I may fully embrace God’s amazing vision for my life and leave a legacy that points others to Him.”

And this.  Oh, my, yes.


Lasting love and influence for the gospel happen in the hidden moments of life when only God sees my heart and my faithfulness.

Joining Ginny



2 thoughts on “yarn along: spinning again! -finished and in progress yarns

  1. i want to be sitting in your living room about now, admiring your beautiful yarns, sipping coffee, and learning to do my short row heel socks… maybe one of these days eventually… i can.! love you dear!!


  2. Joining you via “Yarn Along”. Thank you so much for posting the quote from your book. Some days I really struggle with the mundane tasks and it is good to be reminded that God sees these tasks – these otherwise hidden moments – and rewards faithfulness. Also love the purple/blue yarn you are spinning – such a gloriously rich colour. I wonder what it will become? Blessings!


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