showers of blessings.



This is how my morning started.  Coffee in hand, I rocked quietly in my new little sanctuary space -( I just cleaned out some extra stuff in our room and made a cozy little spot by the window with my rocking chair. It’s my new favorite spot) – while Mr. J read to Eva and they snuggled in our bed.  The picture quality is less than stellar because: a.) I know very little about taking pictures, and b.) what I do know is that your lighting has to be good and it obviously wasn’t.

I read my Bible, sipped my delicious coffee from my favorite mug, and delighted in the early morning hours. It was so nice while it lasted.

And no, it did not last.  First of all, I told Mr. J he could get yogurt for himself and Miss E.  I came out to find Miss E walking around with yogurt and fork in hand, as well as some sort of something that I first thought was syrup sitting on top of the already well-sweetened Oikos.  Turns out that Mr. J thought it would be great to drizzledump honey on their yogurt.  It wouldn’t have been too bad if there hadn’t been literally 1/4 inch of honey on top. Miss E cheerfully wiped her honey hands through her hair and I got the stickiness {mostly} cleaned up while Miss A sleepily wandered out.

Yogurt and toast for everyone – sans honey- and I debated taking a shower.

Nah.  Not worth it.

Got a text from a friend who wondered if she could stop by to pick up a battery charger that we had been asked to get to her and hadn’t yet.  “Sure! That will be great!”, I said, thinking more seriously about taking a shower.

Nah. Still not worth it.

So then the thought occurred that I had seen this charger and it’s batteries in the hands of several munchkins, not naming names here, and that the last time I’d seen it…

It was bereft of it’s batteries.  By itself.  No batteries.  And the likelihood of finding said batteries at this point – a whole two or three days following – was rather, shall we say, futile.

Nevertheless, I texted dear husband for any information he could provide.  He says he saw it this morning! (Whew!) But he couldn’t remember where and that it was in an unlikely place. (Hmm. Not so much whew.) Oh, and that our eldest “knows about it”.

I proceed to threaten any munchkins who have been in the vicinity of said battery charger with no breakfast until it’s FOUND.   I yell for eldest son who is still sleeping, and he sleepily comes to the bottom of the stairs, bewildered at the lack of greeting other than “Do you know where the battery charger is?”  He goes looking, while I search through piles of folded and unfolded laundry (It’s an unlikely place, ok?) and think about how unorganized I am.

Mr. E, the recently sleeping one, quickly finds the charger. (It was at the end of our bed. Don’t ask. I don’t know.) And I manage to locate two of the batteries. One – in the soap container of the laundry sink. Two – in the bottom of the laundry basket Mr. E. used when he cleaned out the van.  In the meantime I notice globs of yogurt on the floor and call sweetly to the culprit to please come clean up!

By this time, my unsuspecting friend has arrived, who thankfully doesn’t mind me still being pajama clad and unshowered, and I gratefully hand her the battery charger and its two batteries (I think there are still two missing, but that will be taken care of at Wal-mart this afternoon).

And then I have a very, very brilliant thought.

“Would you mind watching the kids for 10 minutes while I take a shower?”   She sweetly agrees, and I head to the bedroom, lock the doors blissfully, and proceed to take a shower with complete and total peace of mind that all will be well and I can enjoy this delicious blessing. – A shower.  It’s really in the small things, isn’t it?!






2 thoughts on “showers of blessings.

  1. When you want to wring some kids necks 😉 take 5 and look at these photos again. What precious memories and sweet, sweet children!


  2. can i just say i hope very soon, that you can be the friend that walks thru the door to hang out in our craziness while i shower? what is a shower anyway??!! 🙂 love you dear!


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