yarn along: yummy yarn squishiness

This spin was a delicious one.  Squishy, poofy, merino fiber spun itself quickly into approximately 180 yards of worsted-ish yarn.  I can’t believe how fast it spun up.  Super fun, and will be shipped off to it’s recipient soon!  The fiber is ShirstyCat Designs 100% Merino.





I began another braid yesterday – this is Malabrigo Nube., which is notoriously felted, and can be difficult to spin.  But I’m finding it isn’t too bad, as long as I consistently draft it. It’s destined to be a two-ply, roughly dk weight.  We shall see if it agrees. =)   The colorway is arco iris, although it’s possibly the strangest arco iris I have ever seen.  Most of that colorway seems to have much more purple and blue and a lot less orange.  But it’s spinning up beautifully – soft, muted, sunset colors.




Here is a glimpse of the fiber, pre-spun. = )
And my book.  I’m almost done with it, and yet again, I am impressed by this author.  I don’t want the series to end.  This is what I’m picking up at night when I go to bed… it just is such a great way to end the day, with a good book and quiet all around.

Also been enjoying this old favorite with my children…


This book is just so funny.  Everyone is just loving it, and request more and more and more.  So far we have read “The Selfishness Cure”, “The Fighter-Quarellers Cure”, “The Show-Off Cure”, and “The Cry-Baby Cure”.

Otherwise, my knitting (which isn’t pictured) is still on my socks and shawl.  They both have been in time-out at various points this past week, so they didn’t get their pictures taken.  I messed up on my shawl on the edging for several rows, so I took that out and it’s ready to be good again.  On my stripey socks I read the directions wrong on the heel, so it needs some TLC and I will need to take it out back to the heel.   Argh.  Ah well. So it goes. Not exactly a large problem in the grand scheme of things.

Joining Ginny at Small Things.

What are you knitting and reading this week?



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