blessed today…

Another post of random things that fill me to bursting lately …

  • Miss A’s prayer the other night -”Thank you. And help our sins. And grace!! And take the naughty out of our hearts. And help (every family member she can think of). In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Grace must be the theme that I need to hear because it’s on repeat with Miss A – in her prayers, and in her singing… her favorite is Amazing Grace at the moment. “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that ‘sakes’ a wretch like me, I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.” Grace. Yes. I need it desperately for myself. And I need it desperately so I can turn around and give it back out, flinging it wide and free into the hearts of the little ones that can turn my heart and house upside down with the mess and the fear… It’s what I need.
  • Salami. Spread with cream cheese and topped with banana or pepperoncini peppers. Roll up, and enjoy. Yum. Double yum.
  • The fresh burst of green that is everywhere. I mean, the grass. The trees. The blueberry bushes. There are just heaps and mounds of green wherever I look. It’s restful to the eyes.
  • A new cleaning technique? Spend 30 seconds in the room you’re in before you leave, straightening everything you can as fast as you can. It’s amazing how much tidier a room can stay.
  • My new favorite Trim Healthy Mama shake concoction –

Maple Coconut Shake

-1 cup almond milk (almond-coconut milk makes it even yummier)

-1-2 tsp coconut oil.

-1/2 tsp or more of maple flavoring to taste

-1 scoop of whey protein powder (not necessary, but it gives it more protein. Greek yogurt would probably be good as well.)

– Stevia to taste.

Blend well. Then add approximately 20-22 ice cubes. Blend again. Sip deliciousness.

Last night I did leftover coffee in replacement of some of the milk. It gave it a yummy twist.

  • The fact that it is 7:52 and everyone in my house is still sleeping except me. This will probably last for approximately 5.33 more seconds.
  • Miss E – reaching up and saying “Mommy – Need you!”
  • Mr. J – yesterday he discovered the Dolch Word books (they are old, and I have a ton of them) that got Mr. E into reading. Short stories made into chapters about dogs/Indians/monkeys/diffferent lands/you name it – and the kid is reading like crazy.

    And he is so, so excited. Telling me all about it. Putting “his books” in a special place. Telling me how many pages he has read. “And I just read 9 more!!!!” He is over the moon. And I am too.

  • The way we did school yesterday. I sat the boys down and told them to look at some of the Nature Journal magazines we had, while I helped the girls get dressed/changed poopy pants/etc.

    When I got done, I told them to pick out the most interesting thing they had read and take turns reading it aloud. Mr. E picked out an article about an osprey. We watched a clip on youtube about ospreys and how they dive-bomb and catch fish or other birds. It was kind of gruesome. They loved it. Mr. J picked out an article about a ruffled grouse. We watched a clip of some hunting dogs finding grouse. They loved that too. They are both pretty sure they need to go ruffled grouse hunting now. This all led to conversation about birds and bird-training, and I remembered a book that I was pretty sure they would like – “My Side of the Mountain” by Jean Craighead George. It’s one of T’s favorite books from when he was a boy, and we began listening to the audio version of it since I couldn’t find our copy. (Among our myriad of books, this is not unusual.) The boys are captivated. It’s an excellent book about a 12 year old boy surviving in the Catskill Mountains on his own ingenuity and accompanied by his pet peregrine falcon that he trains. Total adventure boy book. I envision our school days becoming more and more like this as we head into summer. I don’t know how long we will keep doing school, but it seems like it works well for us to work at it, even just a few days a week, up until garden stuff starts coming in. Some days they need to just play, other days they need more structure to keep them occupied with something besides the inevitable bickering that seems to crop up when they have too much free time.

  • The fact that I made a HUGE pot of chili last night which = a beautiful, wonderful thing. Leftovers. Ahhh. <— (that was my sigh of contentment. Supper is fixed for tonight. Already.)

My basic chili recipe is not really a recipe. It’s more of a dump and heat. And the longer it heats

the better it gets. I’ll give you the basics:

Basic Dump Chili

-A couple lb. ground meat. I like a mix of sausage and hamburger.

-1-2 qt. canned whole or chopped tomatoes

-1 qt. tomato juice

-1 pint salsa

-1 qt. black beans. (our favorite, any kind will work)

-a splash or two of balsamic vinegar (I like the way this rounds out the flavor)

-a splash of liquid smoke

-a few tsp or so of brown sugar- I used stevia because we are trying to watch sugar. (translated, I am trying to lose weight, so I am trying to watch sugar. Nobody else in this house is watching

the sugar. They are all eating it freely, as often as they can, which I am trying to watch. Never mind.)

-1-2 T. cumin

-2-3 T. chili powder

-a pinch of cayenne pepper

-garlic powder

-garlic salt

-onion powder

-whatever else sounds yummy


2 thoughts on “blessed today…

  1. This did my heart good, friend. To see you searching out and finding the lovely in the mundane. I am commiting your name to our Father and trusting Him to hold you in His loving arms! Much love to you my dear!


  2. loved this post! 🙂 the comments on sugar made me laugh! as if he doesn’t get enough anyway- i catch my biggest eating it right out of the bag….oh yeah!!


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