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I started a new shawl this past Saturday… I’m hoping the colors go together.  I’m not completely convinced the green goes with the speckles, but I think it will be cheery and fun.  The speckled is Spun Right Round fingering weight yarn in a colorway I forget, and the green is Malabrigo Sock in Lettuce.  I just needed to start something new.  When things are challenging in my mind and heart, I need beautiful things to soothe me. I love the feel of soft yarn, the familiar taste of a hot cup of coffee, worn-smooth jacket to wrap up in, and the thick comfort of an old quilt.

I am spinning again, a new braid that is called “Cherry Blossom” – aaaand I forget where it came from also. = )  It’s shades of brown, raspberry, soft pink, the palest of blue-gray and a creamy white. I’m spinning it into a gradient of brown, blue, pink, tan, white.  I’m excited to see how it turns out after plied.

There’s just something about making things with my hands that fills me. In fact, it’s hard now to be without my knitting, just to simply sit still without my hands moving needles, or drafting and pulling fiber into yarn.  The sense of accomplishment with a completed project, whether it be a skein of yarn all coiled up, or a knitted item, is addictive.

I think that’s why God gives us things to do, things to make, things to finish… whether it’s knitting, quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, or even menial chores like dishes, laundry, and fixing food.  He knew we would need to step back and follow His example, saying “Yes, this is good.”   When we can look with satisfaction on a job well done, it is exhilarating.  There are a lot of things in relationships, parenting, things in life that are hard or that we wouldn’t choose, that we simply can’t fix or change. We have to trust and walk through.  But it does my heart good to have something I can do.. something that I can complete even when things are hard, while I’m learning to trust God for the rest.

It’s also good, I think, as a busy mom, for me to have something to do that is my own. That doesn’t revolve around my children and makes me feel like my own person.  I love making things for them, and they love the things I make. (Well, so far.)  But knitting and spinning and the other things I enjoy proves that I do not exist solely for them.I think it’s good for them to see this.

I’m reading “For the Children’s Sake”  by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.  It’s excellent.  And it reinforces so much of what I want our homeschool to look like.  It’s challenging me on several areas – I’m only in the first chapter, but she emphasizes the need to allow your children hours of free play.  That they need to make blanket forts, have access to raw materials, play clothes, old hats, etc.

I’m going through it slowly, savoring, underlining, and attempting to let it sink in.

What are you knitting and reading?

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7 thoughts on “yarn along: yarn+coffee+books

  1. I think the color combo looks really cheery and fun! The pattern is beautiful too. And I SO resonate with your thoughts on how good it is for busy moms to have some things to work on just for themselves, and the sense of accomplishment on little projects that feels like “yes! I finished something!” when parenting is such a long-haul journey with often slow results, it seems. I recently read + loved that book too. Happy knitting!


    • Oh good- it’s nice to get a second opinion on the yarn combo. 🙂 That’s exactly it. Parenting is such a long journey as you said, and so many times it is just nice to be able to actually look at something I can make visible progress on.


  2. You have made an excellent choice in reading “For the Children’s Sake”. My copy of this book depicts many reads and rereads through the years.
    I love your spinning! It is good to see “yarn alongers” share what they are hand spinning. My wheel sits idle, but one day I will be more intentional about it.


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