so many things.

We are home now… (and I’m on my third cup of coffee – there’s nothing like a cup of coffee in my own chair, my own living room…)  …after being gone on two separate trips, both involving Indiana, in the space of 17 days.  The first was to our church conference, from Friday to Wednesday, the second to a wedding, from Thursday to Sunday.  The days at home, exactly 7 of them, started on a Thursday with laundry, then from Thursday evening til Saturday afternoon saw Miss A with a fever… and I mostly held and rocked a little one who only felt marginally better while doing so.  There was a brief respite until Monday morning when Miss E came down with the same thing, and I did the same sorts of mommy things …

Reminding myself (most of the time) that this is the most important thing I could do in the moment.

Do The Most Important Thing.

Ah yes, this concept is so helpful when faced with overwhelm of even the smallest kind – do the most important thing in each moment.

I have to say. I’m cracking up

Mr. E the 10 yo of Random Factoids, while folding laundry:  “I’m sure glad I’m not like George Washington!”

Me: “Oh really? Why?”

Mr. E.:  “Because he lost all his teeth and had to get fake teeth.”

So of course I had to google this – seriously? I had no idea. Sure enough. It’s all right here. I mean, who wouldn’t want to read an article about why George Washington had false teeth?

Anyways.  We are home.  Laundry is actually almost done from the trip, and now my mind whirls and swirls with all the things.  All the projects.  All the organizing.  All the school prep for next year.

I want to clean out every single drawer in this house and majorly de-stuff. De-toy. De-clothes. De-book (cringing, but yes.) De-shoe. De-Junk.  It’s just time.  I don’t mean t0 accumulate stuff.  But we just do. Between birthdays, random goodwill runs, and the fact that there are 6 of us living in this house equals a lot of extra stuff.  I’ve been reading some about how much happier children are with just a few toys.  Ah!  That’s the secret! (Ha ha.)

I am appalled by just how much time we spend straightening things up.  I know that’s the way it goes when you’ve got 4 kiddos under 10 – but seriously.  All the pieces.  The legos.  The cards from misc. card games.  The pencils. The teeny-tiny little toy pieces from who knows where.  They drive me nuts.  I just can’t keep up.  So one drawer at a time, I am hoping to go through our stuff.

I also want to sew.  I want to learn how to sew some cute, simple dresses for the girls.  I’d love to learn how to do a quilt too.  And I want to organize my yarn again.  I think that goes in the above category. I’m not sure how much de-yarning I’m going to do.  We’ll see how ruthless I get.

I need to plan a menu for this month.  We have so much food in our freezer and I seriously need to cut our grocery budget and stop going to the store so much.  I think it would be helpful if I had Terry stop and get the random gallon of milk on his way home from work instead of me going to the grocery every time we need something – I just don’t seem to stop at a gallon of milk.  When I have menu-planned in the past I’m amazed at how much I can see that we use/don’t use, and I don’t need to stockpile everything all the time.

We have got to make a sign to put out by the road for eggs.  We have eggs running out our ears. Seriously.

I need to school plan for this year.  I’m so excited to do it, and I’m debating getting a babysitter so I can plan for whole day. Or maybe even an afternoon.  I recently read about how teachers in the school system take whole days for planning and educating themselves and that as homeschool moms we should not feel guilty about doing the same!  I think sometimes it’s too easy to try to cram in all the stuff we are trying to accomplish without really thinking about the importance of educating ourselves, of taking the time needed to breathe, think, and evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it.  Educating my children is extremely important to me… I don’t take it lightly, and I want to do it as well as I can.  Sometimes that can be best accomplished in the quiet… with no interruptions.
Even if I don’t get a babysitter, I think even to have an evening where my husband could take the kids to the park or something would be a huge help.

I want to make yogurt again, and water kefir (batch of kombucha on the counter at the moment!) and granola, and maybe some egg casseroles or breakfast burritos for the freezer to use up ALL THE EGGSTRA EGGS.  Oh, and I’d love to make food for several people I know.

So, those are all the things I want to do.  I know I can’t do them all today, but maybe I can start to make a plan for all my plans. = )  The most important thing today, is finishing up laundry, and maybe getting fresh sheets on our bed, and working on organizing a bit.

And if I don’t accomplish much of anything?  I want to love these kiddos well – kiss those ouchies, hold that toddler, read aloud to those boys.  And welcome my husband home with a smile tonight.  I’ll try to do that much anyways.




One thought on “so many things.

  1. Oh my goodness, are you sure I didn’t write this post?? Because I think I did. I really think I wrote this, except for the initials of children don’t quite make sense…:) This sounds so much like my brain, and thoughts, and desires. I love it. I’m here cheering you on and joining you in this chaotic, wonderful, opportunistic life!! ❤


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