yarn along: it is the shawl that never ends





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…Yet I still love it.  And the exciting drippy lace part has commenced! Three cheers! Also, some spinning is happening.  I finished the last bits of my green merino silk that I’m now plying.  It’s going to be extremely light fingering, like the last skein of it… and it’s taking forever.  And it’s kind of boring.

Speaking of boring, those booklets in the pictures? See if this sounds familiar: “Fill in your mark, heavy and dark. Do not mark on your paper other than your answer.  Please use a #2 pencil… blah blah blah.”   Yup. We’re doing CAT testing.  Ugh.


Anyways, you also might notice the lifesavers on the table beside my knitting and coffee… I told the boys that every time they got to the end of a section they got a lifesaver.  It was great.  They’d racked up several with one or two in their mouths by the time they got done.  I felt like a very nice mom.  That was fun! I might try to do it again soon!

We got done, thankfully, right at lunchtime today.   It wasn’t completely horrible, I just can’t stand the pressure it puts on them.   Not to mention? It’s kind of summer.  What kind of mom makes her child do CAT testing when there are CREEKS TO PLAY IN?!  The kind who dreads testing with toddlers who might throw torrents of tantrums… and delays the duty of ordering said tests.

Hence the lifesavers.

Anyhow.  I knitted, helped, drank coffee, doled out lifesavers, and we all were overjoyed when they were done.

I am not sure how many books it’s realistic to try to read at one time. But at the moment, I have more going on than what’s in my stack in the picture.  “Good and Angry” got pulled out this weekend in a moment of desperation with myself and my children and the fact that something needed to change with me/them/all of the above.  It’s really good.   There were a few paragraphs that really resonated with me….  When a child is angry, they attempt to pull the parent into a boxing ring. The parent tends to join them, with a full arsenal of words/discipline/etc. to fling back towards the angry child.  It’s the parents’ job to not go there when the child is angry.  If Johnny is angry because he’s supposed to help out around the house? Wait til he has calmed down before talking through it.  Tell him that you’re not going to talk about it right now.  Step out of the boxing ring, and let the Holy Spirit do the work in your child rather than try to take His place with harsh and angry words.   I may or may not blog about this whole thing at another point when I’m feeling a little more brave.  As much as I like being real and I know there’s others who deal with not having warm fuzzies constantly with their children, or the reality of my own struggle to not give in to anger/frustration/etc. it’s really hard to not just stick with the easy and the pretty topics. Another topic for another time.  Maybe.

I’m reading “Summer of the Monkeys” aloud to the boys. They are rapt. And always ask for more.

Still going through “Own Your Life”.  Several mornings a week I use this in my devotional time. I enjoy the perspective that this book always brings.. it goes straight into my heart and resonates with so many parts of me.

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