cold brew. and the places we’ll go!

Whew.  Feels like it’s been awhile since an actual post. (The two from last week didn’t count, I’m pretty sure.)

Something that is amazing lately that I didn’t even know was a Thing until after I started doing it….

…Cold Brew Coffee.   Friend in Nicaraugua doesn’t have a coffee pot.  And it’s hot there.  So, – voila! Cold brew coffee to the rescue!

Basically, you grind your coffee beans and dump them in a jar.  (I use my French press.)

Then you fill it up with water – I do about 3/4 c. grounds to 3-4 cups water.  It sits for 12-24 hours, then you press down on the French press plunger, or strain some other way, and keep it in the fridge.

It’s a concentrate, and I do approx. 1/3 glass of coffee, fill cup with ice cubes, fill rest of the way with water and leave room for cream.  Ohhhh.. it is awesome goodness in a glass.  I love it with cream, stevia, and a bit of cinnamon.


So the fact that it’s a Thing? I started making cold brew coffee. And then, whaddya know?

Apparently it’s a Starbucks Thing. Lol.

I’m still a little amazed that you can dump coffee and lukewarm water together and it makes good coffee after just sitting there on my counter.

Anyways, you really should go try it. It’s kind of magical.


Summer at our house is beginning to explode into all sorts of bounty.  This morning we went out to the garden and picked green beans… between Mr E., Mr. J and I, it was  only about a half hour of picking, and we got about 3/4 bucket of green beans.  Some for supper tonight with our bacon tomato sandwiches, I’m thinking, and maybe I will can a few.

We are getting cucumbers, more all the time – today I think I picked about 20 small/medium sized ones.  The blueberries are getting ripe, and the children go out and snack on them occasionally. It’s getting to the point where they will be ready for more serious picking endeavors, and I know it will only be another week or two before we start to call the u-pickers.

We planted blue potatoes, and Mr. J dug up several this morning and wants mashed potatoes for supper.  It’s starting to sound like a feast we will be having for supper. = )


My laundry is going, and I love the way it just feels like I’m doing work when I’m not, just to hear it swishing around in there.  Keeping up with laundry is a whole ‘nother ballgame. Those silly clothes just seem to never quite make it from being folded to their drawers.  And my goodness gracious, the feeling of accomplishment when all my girl’s clothes were folded and put away this past Friday?  I’m still feeling giddy about it.


We did some school this morning, and did two days last week. More about that in another post… but it is going well.  Starting this early makes me feel as though if we skip a few days, oh well.  If we want to go swimming at the last minite, oh well.  It is just nice to have more of a routine for everyone… even if it’s more sporadic than the schoolyear will be. When the garden starts doing more we will slack off.  But this way I can feel better about just starting.  Just reading aloud.  Just math drills.  Just a math lesson.  Just some copywork.   Letting their questions and interest take us places a curriculum never would have thought of.  Oh!  The places we’ll go!!





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