He is always enough.


When the thoughts swirl and the heart and mind is full, it’s a challenge to know exactly what to write.  There have been a lot of things going on here in our home, good things, not-so-good things, uncertain things, awesome things…. and I know that God is using all of it to refine and draw us closer to Himself.

So my heart is full.  Full of gratitude for a slightly clearer picture of the way God is working and a new realization for how He uses ALL the events and mishaps and conversations and behaviors and griefs and joys and just everything – for His glory.  And I’m acutely aware recently of the desire of Satan to thwart our being able to see this clearly.

Satan does not want us to understand that God is redeeming all these things in our life for His glory and working all of it out for our good.  He would rather we remain in isolation, feeling that we are alone, that our problems are unsolvable, and insurmountable.  That there is no victory and no blessing to be had in our future.

And there is so much truth to be held close to our hearts, so much glory that God wants to reveal to us.  There is so much blessing that our Abba wants to impart to us, His dear daughters and sons… the recipients and heirs of an inheritance beyond all our capacity of imagination.

I believe this blessing and inheritance begins now.  But we have to lose ourselves… we have to let go of the picture in our mind of what our day, our life, even this moment was going to look like.  We have to let go and fall into Him so that He can whisper to us what the desires of our heart should be.

We have to believe that our days are ordained by Him.  That they are for His glory.  That are lives are being redeemed.  We need to tell our stories, and say – yes! God is working in my life, here is where He has been faithful. And we need to thank Him for all these riches He gives.  Praising Him for the energy to rise from our beds, for the healthy child running around singing at the top of their lungs, for the hot sudsy water in the sink, for the storm that brings refreshment to our gardens.  We need to recount these to each other, and remind each other that yes, we are growing, yes we are loved, yes you are ok, yes, it is ok when the day is hard, when the child has tested you to your last nerve, yes, Jesus has you.

Satan would have us be silenced.

There is no victory for our adversary when we recount the good things God gives.  When we proclaim His greatness and steadfast love.  When we read a book that teaches us about His grace towards us.  Satan has no victory when we praise for blessing.  He is frustrated when we delight in God’s goodness.

So the trial? The anger? The difficulty? Satan means it to be for our demise.

And God

And GodHe means it for yet another way to show the power and glory of His redemption.

Oh! How beautiful of a Father we serve…

This adoring Lover, He showers us.  Oh, how He showers us with the goodness of His love.
He strokes our cheek, holds our hand and whispers love-words, safe-words, rescue-words to our aching and weary hearts.

He teaches us how to love.  How to pray.  How to mother.  How to be a friend.

I get so wrapped up in getting it right.  Doing it perfectly.  All of my failures. All of my flaws.

And it all comes back to simply resting in my weakness. In knowing that God will teach me what I need to know, and when I need to know it. It isn’t about completing a list of spiritual requirements, or being a picture-perfect parent.

It’s just simply the knowing, deep within my soul, that I am safe.

That He is mine.

And I am His.

This knowledge, this beautiful glorious knowledge empowers me to parent from a place of safety. Knowing that my Abba is more than able to hold me, and to give me the strength I need in the desperate moments.

So all the blessings?

That conversation with a person you’ve never talked with before that touches such a deep place within both of you that you end up crying at the end because of the magnificence of true connection?

That sunrise that warmed you with the glow of it’s God-ordained gloriousness?

That cup of coffee that wafted steam-swirls while you sipped in the quiet of the moment?

That Bible verse…. that you opened to, that spoke directly to your exact situation?

That text… the one that you exactly needed, right then.

That sparkling eye in the face of the child you struggle with, when they surprise you with something good you weren’t sure you thought they were capable of?

The taste of the tomato, fresh from the garden, sliced thick on the toasted bread that’s topped with bacon.

That friendship, the one that totally surprised you with it’s exact perfection and couldn’t have been better timed in your life…


These are not accidents, my friends.  These are ordained from the hand of a loving Abba who desperately wants us to know the depth of His love for us. He wants to be our closest friend.  And He wants us to know that He is a safe place to land, when all around us feels shaky and broken.

Oh, that we would fly into the arms of this One who desires us so.

Thank you Jesus….. You are always enough.








3 thoughts on “He is always enough.

  1. Enough.

    Enough on the blackest, cowering-in-the-corner days.

    Enough through the relentless more-and-more-and-more work days.

    Enough in the no one-understands-no one-gets-it-I’m-all-alone nights.

    “When you have nothing left but God, you will realize that God is enough.” -A Royden (not a Christian I would care to recommend, but she got this right)


  2. I love it when you post a new post…. I needed this tonight!!
    Wishing I were there to sip coffee and share a hug… But I suppose a virtual one will have to do!
    Love you!


  3. Oh yes. HE is enough! And yes, every detail is His plan. Not any of it is happen chance. Thanking Him, along with you, for His perfect timing and perfect gifts. I thank Him for you, my friend!!


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