a truth to transform the mundane.

For years I’ve been waiting for The Day. The Day when I wake up, refreshed and mentally, spiritually and emotionally whole . I’ve bought a lot of books (many are very good.) on how to organize, pray better, read better, study better, mother better, wife better, friend better, daughter of God better.

I’ve made resolutions, (many are very good.) had accountability partners, furiously wrote notes from sermons, had a lot of conversations, cried, been depressed, and tried to do it well again and again and again.

None of these things are bad, in and of themselves.  They just miss the point.

The point?
Well. I’m learning some new things lately.

Jesus didn’t just die to save me from my sin.
He didn’t just die so we could be reunited in eternity.

He didn’t just die for me to be baptized, and be blessed for it.

He died to transform me into His image

Notice that He didn’t die so  that I could transform me into His image.

He does the work. He did the work.  The work that He did is finished.

When I accepted Him, He made me pure.  Whole.

Completely complete in Him.

And yes, He had to die because I sinned – but the thing is, He saw my worth and your worth when He hung there.  He never once lost sight of what we look like when we are transformed into His image.  And it isn’t something that we get an accountability partner to make happen –

It simply means that I fall on my face before Him, and ask.

Now.  I’ve been taught all my life about the simplicity of the Gospel.  But I never understood that it was really this simple.

And that my whole self/selfishness/life/everything has to be recognized by me as DEAD.  All dead.  Lifeless.

Let’s just say that I’m pretty sure none of these thoughts are that profound, but I’m just now wrapping my mind around a lot of this. 

What if the problem I have – we have – is that we really don’t understand the depth of the worth that Jesus sees in us?  That we have value Actual VALUE?

He made us to be His image -bearers, walking around on the earth, knowing how much we are worth in Him (mind you, not anything we have done). So that we could in turn help other people know how much they are worth.  and that none of us were created for the destiny we have created for ourselves and bought into as normal of struggle, overwhelm, anger, ISSUES, unkindness, etc.

What if you and I were so completely undone by the magnitude of our worth in Jesus that you couldn’t make me mad?  Yeah, I get all ramped up inside when (like this morning) one child is angry because he has to do a chore, another one is crying because breakfast didn’t happen soon enough to suit her, and PLEASE CAN I HAVE A SHOWER?

I did get a shower.  (It does help one’s perspective.)  And somehow knowing my worth in Jesus calmed me down and helped me breathe “Thank You, Jesus for a sunny day and children who are alive and healthy” while I calmed everyone down beforehand.  Somehow knowing that Jesus values me helped me encourage the one who grouched his way through a chore before breakfast.  Somehow the fact that I got up late and was exhausted from two girls who took 2 hours to go to sleep last night and were up again in the middle of the night with various poddy/drink/mommy needs hasn’t completely derailed my day and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that….  Jesus actually thinks that I truly matter, and that I get to wake up every morning pure and whole and holy because He totally has me and it’s not my job to fight every battle I face.  

Why do we make complicated this simple grace?

Why don’t we start today with a laugh and a grin, and an adoration-song on our lips for the beautiful grace He’s given us?   Why don’t we notice the sparkling dishes out of the dishwasher, the fresh laundry smell, and the giggle of the girl-child, and let it be a love letter from our Papa?   Because it is – it really is.

He says you’re worth it.  He says you’re still worth it. He says you’re worth it no matter what you’ve done, how you’ve acted, or what you do tomorrow.  Because He’s got that view of what you look like when you fall on your face before Him and say “Jesus, make me like You. Do it all.  Because I can’t do it well any other way.”

The truth is – we don’t have to wait for The Day… it’s already here. He’s already said we are worth more than the world to Him.  And anything or anyplace we come to that is good and right comes directly from His transforming work in our lives.  All the books, all the accountability partners, while good, are nothing in comparision to the Holy Spirit alive and moving and whispering in our hearts.  He is all we need.  He is everything.  And He says we are worth everything to Him.

Let’s let this transform our mundane.


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