receiving, not trying.

Good words, these:

“That’s what’s awesome…. because before? It’s “just who I am, I can’t help feeling so discouraged”,  and how do you deal with this thing.  These feelings.  That trial.  The misbehavior. The unkind word.

Now – it’s not about figuring out how to deal with the thing.  It’s  –

“How do I rememember who I am?”

It’s a different war!  You don’t have to figure out how to treat this thing, whatever it is, you have to figure out how to remind yourself that this isn’t you.  And how to PRAISE.  So your concentration moves from trying to deal with all the feelings and trials and problems, and FIXING YOURSELF, to the truth… that you’re fixed.  Praise Him that He already fixed you.   Then it is that He gets the glory, and before… it was man and self that got the glory.


This is what I need on the days that I wake up late and I didn’t have any time to sip coffee in quiet before the rucus begins.  This helps me know that I don’t get mad at myself because I didn’t get up any earlier/get mad at kids because they are tired and why didn’t they sleep in more than they did/etc. etc.  — I just simply say Thank you Jesus for a new morning.  Yay!  No mental flogging, no irritations.  Irritation isn’t who I am.  Irritation is who I was before Jesus came to die and save me from it.  Saving me from myself and my natural inclination to anything that isn’t of Him.

This is what I need when faced with big decisions and all I can see are the negatives or the hard of either option.  Because God doesn’t lead or direct us through fear or anxiety or negatives – He leads through calmness. Rest. Through His Word.  When we are awake to the whisper of the Spirit and it moves us to rest in Him and rely on Him for all our needs … the knowing that He has us.  And it’s not even up to us to TRY to understand, because He promises that He will make known to us all the things He wants us to know.   Then it is that we will have a quiet knowing of the path we are to take.

We just need to be in a position of receiving. 

So often my arms have been folded tightly together, trying, trying, trying with all my might to do right. Be right. Feel right. Say it right.  Trying to be excited about what I need to be excited about.  Trying to be joyful.  Trying to not be mad.

And I’m not saying we should be asleep, and slothful.  Oh, no, no. 

Far from it.  What we are is open.  Willing.   Eyes lifted. Heart open.  Ready and willing to receive all that He would give us and all that He is guiding us into. Ready to walk fervently in the path that He lays out before us.  Ready to move into action with purpose and joy when He motivates us by His Spirit to make that call/write that letter/hug that child when you really want to punish/deal with that behavior when you really want to ignore it/say I love you/breathe life and truth into a friend of her beauty and worth in Jesus/smile the smile you used to smile at your husband when he walked in the door from work when you were first married – regardless of all the chaos and misunderstandings that tend to crowd in.  You name it.

You see – trying so hard to get it right all the time will naturally place the focus upon ourselves.  But when we know who we are – no longer orphans, no longer alone – but God is our Daddy, and we are a joint heir with Jesus….  it causes us to come into the inheritance we were meant for.  This inheritance means that we are indwelt with something completely Other than us.  And when we know this in our heart of hearts, the knowledge is transforming.  Our minds get renewed in truth = we are transformed in the way we operate.  Honestly? I’m thinking it’s possible that trying = filthy rags.

It’s not just about a destination that is heaven.  It’s that He’s made us new.  Totally different than the people we were before He started living in us. We aren’t irritated, not ok, frustrated, angry, and hurt all the time anymore.  That’s not us!  And if we feel those things, it’s only a lie that the father of them dangles in front of us to see if we will forget that there was Holy Blood that bought us.  You see how it’s in the renewing of our minds?
It’s in taking captive every.  single. thought.   How?  By measuring it against truth.  Do I feel hurt by something someone says?  It’s not mine if I don’t grab onto the lie.  Because in Jesus, salvation means I don’t have to walk around hurt anymore.  I don’t have to try to not be hurt, I just have to remember who I am – God’s daughter. And if the power that raised Jesus from the grave dwells in me, then being hurt by something someone says is kind of ridiculous.  And He made it possible for me to not live wrecked.


And I didn’t even have to try to be the kind of person Jesus would want to save.  {Whaddya know?!}

I’ll have to admit.  That’s some really amazing grace.

Laugh out loud, joy-bubbling, freedom-flying grace.

Once lost, now found. 

Once blind, now see.






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