yarn along: continuing the shrug saga + just him and I

I’m sipping free Starbucks as I write, sitting in Infusion Room #1 at the hospital.  Mr. E is here for an infusion that helps his nephrotic syndrome go into a prolonged remission… which = much less prednisone, not to mention all the other things that go along with relapses.  After experiencing 3 of these relapses since January, we are very excited to come have his infusion.  He has had it twice before, and it basically means we spend the day here while he sits in a recliner and sleeps/eats/does schoolwork/listens to audiobooks.  So far the sleeping has been priority #1, due to Benadryl that they use to help with side effects of the infusion.  I am so thankful for the doctors who knew my son before I did… diagnosing him and walking with us through this syndrome.  They told me today that they are still hoping for him to outgrow it by adolescence.  We know God is in control, and simply coming up and being on this particular floor is sobering. This is where the children come who need chemotherapy.  Everything is bright and white and geared towards children.. they do an excellent job of making this a pretty place.  Yet we are here, thankful that one dose of medication seems to make it possible for us to visit rarely.  I’m pretty sure that this kind of easy is not commonly seen on this floor.

We got up at 5:30, and got here in time for his 9 am appointment, and we will probably be here til late afternoon.  I went across the road desparately in search of some coffee… and lo and behold, the hotel that has a sort-of Starbucks in it poured my coffee, gave me cream, and said — “We are actually closed – Enjoy!”  I was thrilled.

I’m hoping to get plenty of knitting done today… working hard to get this shrug done, and hoping to finish it within the next week.  I’m working on the thing that goes around the outside, forgetting what it’s called… duh.  Anyways it feels like it’s taking forever. As soon as that’s done, I’m on to the sleeves which won’t take any time at all.  I’m doing well on yarn – plenty left, but I’ll have to admit I’m a bit nervous just because I have a deadline… it’s for a wedding… I want it to look right… all those things. =)

I just started reading this book, “The Insanity of God“, by Nik Ripken.  I’ve heard that this book is amazing, and life-changing, and a perspective-shifter.  I can’t wait to dig in further. For starters – the author’s name isn’t his real name, and he has changed the names of the people whose story he tells as well.  They are in danger, they are the persecuted church, and he is attempting to give them a voice as well as protect them in the process.  But this book is a personal journey of the author’s faith and the way God revives it…


Thankfully we all seem to be feeling better after the Two Epic Weeks of Yuck... I am so. Thankful. For a full night’s sleep. Whew. Seriously.  Sleep is something I could wax poetic about right about now.  It is so great to see my children running around again and being silly and playing and even having the energy to fuss.  (Yes, I can’t believe I’m thankful for this?!)

Yesterday I spent the day with two dear friends… we have begun a tradition of getting together every two months for the day, no kids, since we all homeschool and random get-togethers just don’t happen anymore. It was so, SO good.  They came over to my house after all my munchkins walked up to grandma’s house for the day, and we enjoyed a cup of coffee before heading out to lunch.  We ate at a fun restaurant and shared bacon and blue cheese waffle fries, (yes, that’s a thing, and it was amazing) and laughed and talked about all the important and pressing things.  We solved several of the world’s problems, I’m pretty sure.  Plus we had a chance to talk about the things we are all going through…  and just encourage each other to keep on keeping on.  Each of us have different hard things, yet we each have a testimony of how God is working and smoothing us into His image.

Well, the infusion is halfway finished, Mr. E.’s working on his long division, and I’m thinking it’s time to stop blogging about knitting and pick up my needles and actually do it!  At least, that is, until more coffee calls my name… my first cup is empty and I just might have to go in search of more soon… = )

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