Me? I’m Deborah, a 30-something, Jesus loving homeschooling mama.  I love to knit, spin and read… And adore a cuppa freshly brewed coffee as often as possible.

Most days the house is messy and crazy and there’s dishes in the sink and rooms to be straightened.  We have a loud and boisterous home where I try to enjoy every single drop of quiet I can, while knowing that there was a time period of 4.5 years where our home was all too silent.  Many days I wondered whether this quiet would be the story of my life.

But by God’s perfect planning, my husband and I have been blessed to adopt 4 children, and though there are times when the road certainly hasn’t been easy, God has brought us through to victory many times.  We see Him working in our lives and in the lives of our children, and our greatest desire is that we would, as individuals, in our marriage, and as a family be a testimony to His goodness and power.

For the most part, I write to get my thoughts out and to experience blessing twice.  I know that in doing so, I’m humbled with the reminder of how good God truly is, how much He is working, and it motivates me to thank Him even more.

Thanks for stopping by!


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